Community Engagement Project

Down to Earth's 3rd annual 'de-LIB-erate' conference has just finished, and what a wonderful event it was. Social justice issues at the forefront of the education and care sector with the themes being, equity, rights and belonging.

As a consequence, and to supplement and compliment the annual Down to Earth "Canberra, a close knit community' campaign where the Canberra community knit like mad for the homeless each winter, a new idea has emerged based on current research an extension has been created.

Current research informs us that community connections and communication remain a major obstacle for homeless people. is the small project if you are interested (and a great project for community engagement).

Down to Earth Practical Solutions seeks interested services to support the local homeless community this Christmas by:

  • Making a personalised Christmas card

  • Providing a drawing or painting

  • Writing a story

The above would be collected and provided to the relevant charities to hand out on Christmas day.

Only children's first names would be used.

Anything submitted needs to be done so in a respectful way ensuring the recipients feeling respected and cared for;

Submissions would be collected by Down to Earth - so no work for you!

Submissions will be collected on or by Tuesday 19 December 2017.

Register your interest by emailing: