Professional Learning Workshops
Professional learning is the warm beating heart of our Down to Earth organisation.  We love to create it, we love to deliver it, and we love to help you get 100% fun and satisfaction from it.
Whether it's a resort-based conference or a 10 person documentation workshop, every event gets the Earthers' treatment to give maximum value and enjoyment.  That's why so many of our attendees deserve a 'Frequent Earthers' card!

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Sussing Out Summative Assessments: 

A requirement within the NQF and an expectation of educators. Summative Assessments are often a nightmare of what to write, how to write and, how to be organised to keep on top of Summative Assessments.


This workshop will take you to a refreshing and creative place showing you how easy it can and should be. You will have a diverse range of hard copy examples to take away, providing a handy reference and style guide for you of possibilities for you to consider, ensuring you feel supported.


Like Most Down to Earth workshops, this session will be fun, creative and will have you feeling even more empowered than ever.