This set of five A4 posters has been designed using the remarkable photography from Romana Timewarp. Each poster includes a different image and a corresponding question to promote critical reflection and to support environmental awareness within early childhood settings. These could be printed for staff programming areas/ reflective journals/ staff meeting handouts, and more, to promote discussion and reflection. 


Concepts include how can children be supported to develop an appreciation of the natural world, how are children encouraged to world wise global citizens, and how children are encouraged to explore the impact of human existence on the natural environment and planning for sustainable thinking and practices.


This item is to purchase as a printed poster set using 200gsm gloss paper.


Please allow a 3 week turn around for order processing of printed poster sets. 


The PDF version of this product can be purchased here: PDF Morning Findings:  Reflective Poster Pack 

Printed Morning Findings: Reflective Poster Pack (set of 5)

  • Set of five A4 printed poster set using 200gsm gloss paper.

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