This beautiful watercolour hand drawn set of six A5 cards were commissioned by Down to Earth Practical Solutions, the artists name, Rebecca (Bec) Lloyd.


This children’s card set has been designed as a provocation, a set of story cards about environmental advocacy with both human and animal heroes saving the beach, sea and animal life. Children can create their own stories around sustainable practices.


Drawn in turquoise inks and painted in watercolour. Printed on 250gsm silk board with a high quality HP Indigo process.


Listen to children as they choose how the story starts and finishes and everything in between. Record their stories now and into the future as possible changes occur. Perhaps use these cards and the children's stories as a basis for project work on sustainability in your local community and beyond…the possibilities are endless.


Please allow a 3 week turn around for order processing.

Mermaid Sustainability Cards

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  • Mermaid Sustainability Cards are printed on 250gsm silk board with a high quality HP Indigo process, (each card is A5 in size).

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